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Hi, I’m Brooke! 

Most days you can find me snuggling with my cat on my couch while binging my guilty pleasure shows, spending time with my family, or trying to survive another run on the treadmill. If I am not doing one of those I am most likely attempting to cook again, which I admit I have improved in! If you see me on the road, I am probably having a karaoke session! Feel free to join!

I love serving the world and my couples and families by being authentic, vulnerable and being able to capture those moments for eternity. I believe that you have to not only seize the moment, but capture it too!

I am mostly known as a loyal friend, wife, sister, daughter, and Mom to my three boys. I am Pastor's wife/daughter and I have loved carrying those titles! You could also label me as a Starbucks Refresher Addict! I could drink them every day....and most days I do!

The things I am most passionate about in life are my family, leather jackets and leggings, chasing those scary dreams you don't tell anyone about, finding adventure, following God and eating yummy food with great people.

My goal is make you feel comfortable, let your genuine emotions show and to capture them for you to have forever! So, take a look around my slice of the internet pie and I hope you stay awhile!


Facts about Brooke

Beau was a wedding gift from my husband, Dustin!

I was convinced that he flew in one of my friends from Colorado but instead I opened a box with a photo of this little face.


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